Knowledge and Technology Transfer

Algeria was ranked 108th out of 127 in June 2017 in the Global Innovation Index, a global ranking of countries according to their abilities and results of economic innovation as published annually by Cornell University, the INSEAD and the UN’s World Intellectual Organization Property (WIPO). The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4FIR) is on us; this will be based on the generalised Knowledge and Technology Transfer throughout all endeavours. We should therefore not forget that the world is not waiting for Algeria to get on the band wagon.  This country is not isolated and its assessment from either the above GII 2017 as from official data shows the limits of the administratively bureaucratic approach that lead to that ranking.
This brief analysis is a synthesis, of Volume VI of the multidisciplinary audit, submitted to the Government in January 03, 2013.

Storage of Electricity Technologies leaping forward

According to the IEA, all renewable energy industries in 2015 have overtaken the coal ones to become the largest source of global electricity production before adding that this would continue the same way within the foreseeable future and possibly beyond. Production of energy however in this instance electricity is one thing and storing it for […]

From Titans to Technolo-G’s !

From Titans to Technolo-G’s ! Hopefully I am coming to the end of a short spell of involuntary time-travel.  Our washing machine broke down and while my husband attempted to fix it, I relived my student days in the 80’s and 90’s and drove off to look for a launderette.  I soon discovered that both […]

Savills 12 Tech Cities – Overall ranking

Small cities are big hitters for tech industry 25 February 2015 Published by Savills  UK London, New York and Singapore leaders for business environment. Austin, San Francisco and Tel Aviv are the top ranking cities for tech companies, according to a report by international real estate advisor Savills. Proving small cities are big hitters […]