Indians, Pakistanis most interested in UAE property

It is no surprise that in this article (see below) of ConstructionWeekonline, there is no hint anywhere that Indians, Pakistanis most interested in UAE property investments make up the most significant percentage of the populations of the respective GCC countries. Since the advent of oil, the Persian Gulf countries have generally turned into modern states […]

Jeddah Tower: The World’s Tallest Building in 2020

A Looming Catastrophe: Power Grid Collapse Now In Sight in New York” by a gust blogger on how many staff people at various utility services such as DPS, DEC, and NYISO who know this is going to end badly.” Could perhaps be some sort of premonition for Jeddah Tower: The World’s Tallest Building in 2020. The […]

Qatar Investment Authority venture in the ‘Big Apple’

The Qatar Investment Authority was set up in 2005 with the objective to direct Qatar’s mainly gas-exports related financial resources towards placements in lucrative property acquisition / development in the world, said an executive at the official opening of their office in Manhattan, New York back in September. In the U.S, he added, the Authority would invest $35bn over the next five years.

Arab and Indians Nationals in Dubai

The total number of real estate deals involving Arab Nationals other than UAE citizens reached 4,990 with a total value of investments in Dubai amounting to $3 billion in the first 8 months of the current year.

The UAE’s property market

The UAE’s real estate market is beginning to feel the effect of low oil prices with property values falling across Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah, according to the latest report of Cluttons , but is readying itself for a possible wave of Iranian business return.

Dubai or Muscat ?

The GCC countries with differing property ownership legislation which was at some stage in favour of Dubai’s Emirate, are these days being balanced with neighbouring countries catching up. Indians as biggest number of investors in the Gulf and Omanis, possibly the smallest are lately looking to gain a foothold on the property ladder as drivers behind growing demand in Muscat’s residential market.

MENA’s Global Real Estate sector and geographical diversification trends

MENA’s Global Real Estate investments Global Investors CBRE Group, one of the world’s largest real estate investment management firms with $87.1 billion in assets under management, in a recent report predicted that in the short term, and pushed by weakening oil prices, an average of $15 billion per year will flow out of the Middle […]