MENA personal care sector set for growth

MENA personal care sector set for 8.5% growth: study The beauty and personal care industry in the MENA region, valued at $15.9 billion, is set to grow twice as faster than the rest of the world with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.5 per cent in the next three years, a report said. […]

A cosy History of Knitting

As you sit and knit gently focusing your fingers on the stitches, feeling the gorgeous texture, observing the soothing colours of the wool and the faint aroma of lanolin; you might consider the women who practiced the craft before you and would probably assume that knitting is extremely ancient given that it involves the use of two sticks and yarn. In fact, this is not quite the case.

Life in the GCC region

The GCC states have changed dynamically over the past three decades and are on track for more transition. Individuals in this region have much to say about their own wellbeing and life experiences. Growth and progress in the GCC over the past three decades have brought improvements in infant mortality, life expectancy, fertility rates and quality of life generally.