Genetic Parameters for yield and its components in Bread Wheat

The civilization of ancient Egypt has always been and still is indebted to the Nile River and its dependable water supply that allowed amongst all staple food crops, wheat and barley to be farmed. These are grown throughout the Delta region and all along the banks of the Nile, more recently in the newly reclaimed […]

“Scientific future shaped by ICT”: Dubai Science Park Director

“Scientific future shaped by ICT”: Dubai Science Park Director in a TahawulTech‘s article by James Dartnell is about how and why Marwan Abdulaziz Janahi, the Dubai Science Park’s executive director made such a statement at a time of non-negligible uncertainty not only for that country but for the whole region’s main contribution to the world economy, […]

UAE mulls ‘man-made mountain’

‘Man-made mountain’ development. In an exclusive article titled: UAE mulls ‘man-made mountain’ in a bid to improve rainfall, Arabian Business reported on the country’s attempt following numerous trials at artificially making rain with relative success to improve on it. The other reason is, as per Masdar, an Abu Dhabi based clean energy company, that said that last […]

Gravity Waves really do exist.

To Boldy go…. It has been an exciting if rather baffling week as one of Einstein’s theories has been proven experimentally. We now know that Gravity Waves really do exist.  Gravity waves are created by events or objects.  It is like a large ship on the sea creating waves but of course, we will miss […]

New Academy of Sciences and Technologies of Algeria

The ‘Académie des Sciences et des Technologies d’Algérie’ in Algiers, was announced to be opened this month with 46 core members including 11 women. All were appointed by an international jury, and coming from the country’s 40 higher education institutions, with the remaining six from the oversees Algerian community. Their first mission will be to select the remaining future academicians whose number is 200.