R & D made Silk in the University of Cambridge

We would like to consider the following as a landmark step in sustainability and therefore would republish here with our compliments to all, this marvellous piece of R & D made Silk in the University of Cambridge.  We would hazard to imagine that one application of this could be the sadly omnipresent shopping plastic bag in our seas and oceans as elaborated on in “More Plastic than Fish in the Sea by 2050”.  If this is the case, we would not mind making another guess as to the state of our seas and oceans by that proposed year 2050 to be somewhat quite different.

Researchers have designed a super stretchy, strong and sustainable material that mimics the qualities of spider silk, and is ‘spun’ from a material that is 98% water. 

Hike in Intellectual Property Fees in GCC

Would the following Hike in Intellectual Property Fees in GCC story have anything to do with the fall in the price of oil and gas or as put forward here due to GCC’s new internal as well as interstates coordination ? This article written by a team of BQ discussing with Katie Montazeri, partner at DLA Piper Middle East LLP who expertised the trend in the domain was published on October 23, 2016. It clearly shows that there is indeed some sort of inverted proportionality relationship between the two segments of these countries’ economies.

Hike in IP fees in GCC – who’s gaining?

As the fees for protecting one’s brand rises, small businesses opting for non-registration of trademarks could face risk from unscrupulous competitors
Intellectual property fees spiked recently all across the GCC, in some countries as much as 6,200 percent, making the registration of patents, trademarks or design among the most expensive in the world.
In the last couple of months Bahrain and Kuwait raised their intellectual property fees more than just significantly, while Saudi Arabia and the UAE did the same last year. According to the local media reports, in Kuwait, the official cost for . . .

From Titans to Technolo-G’s !

From Titans to Technolo-G’s ! Hopefully I am coming to the end of a short spell of involuntary time-travel.  Our washing machine broke down and while my husband attempted to fix it, I relived my student days in the 80’s and 90’s and drove off to look for a launderette.  I soon discovered that both […]

Studies on rain making in the desert

The United Arab Emirates is to fund three research teams Studies on rain making in the desert of  Arabia.  The information, released in University World News (Mannoura Egaiz, 18 March 2016, Issue No:405), was first published by SciDev.Net in its Middle East and North Africa edition. The teams, from Germany, Japan and the UAE, will share $5 […]