Where are Baekdal Plus subscribers from?

Thomas Baekdal in his “Something to think about” blog, has written and published this article on September 5th, 2016. Where are Baekdal Plus subscribers from is not only about the origins of his subscribers pondering on whether in this day and age it matters that much, Thomas quite rightly pointed out that the Internet accessible now to billions is having bearings on the conventional media as well as on the ensuing trans-border cultural mutations. Baekdal expresses loud and clear how for the sake of ease of communication, the media are increasingly published in English for reach, spread and for future growth.
What countries are Baekdal Plus subscribers from?

Tunisia’s social time bomb : Al Jazeera TV

It is felt that in Tunisia, “percentage of unemployed youth doubled due to the privatization programme of the public sector in the 90s.” and such privatizations never really occurred. As a matter of fact, Tunisia has a largely socialistic style and centrally planned type of economy where most economic sectors are either state-owned or state-sanctioned […]

Top 16 most socially advanced countries

The Social Progress Index (SPI) first introduced in 2013, was created by Professor ME Porter of Harvard Business School, Professor S Stern of the MIT School of Management and the Social Progress Imperative so as to review and rank a set of measured components of social and environmental performance. It is publishes from time to […]