The Grapes of Wrath part deux — daryanenergyblog is all about water being critical to many in all walks of life, including industries of, but most specially to food product chains of supply.

Fossil fuels are critical to many industries, but most especially to food product, hence why any interruption to their supply (in the absence of suitable alternatives) would be so devastating. However, there’s one fossil resource that often slips under the radar, but which is equally, if nor more critical to food production – fossil water. 

In many parts of the world, water from underground aquifers now represents a key source of water, for both farming and drinking water. However this water is not a sustainable resource. The water has built up in these aquifers over many thousands of years. The recharge rate of fresh water in is a tiny fraction of what’s being taken out. So once its gone its gone. And as the documentary film “Pumped Dry” discusses, those water levels have been dropping alarming fast in recent years, raising fears about wells run dry, which would have devastating results.

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This story literally follows on the previously published Food supply chains will get disrupted globally in yet another attempt to bring more attention to today’s goings-on.