In a previous article titled : UAE mulls ‘man-made mountain’ , MENA-Forum reported on the UAE’s attempt at artificially making rain with also some relative success to improve on it.  Today it is about why UAE humidity could be something to look forward to perhaps producing drinking water? Could these two achievements be considered a step forward in the so called ‘Greening of the Desert’ or is it only another high-brow Petro-Dollar passing expenditure fling? Adelle Geronimo wrote in Tahawul of March 25, 2018 the following:

UK-based Veragon Water Solutions has commercially launched a technology that provides a cost-effective and sustainable source of mineralised drinking water by harnessing the humidity from the air, in the Middle East.

According to reports, following successful trials, the process of water capture was developed and expanded on a commercial scale. Now, the new technology has arrived in the UAE through Veragon Water Solutions Middle East, a partnership between Eshara Capital and Veragon Water Solutions.

Veragon’s ‘Air to Water’ system has the capacity to produce up to 1,000 litres per day and can produce safe drinking water at the point-of-use for as little as Dh0.03 per litre, said a statement.

According to the company, the air-to-water system provides potable water in hot or tropical environments and has been used by its customers, including the Italian Armed Forces, United Nation’s World Food Programme and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (Nato), in some of harshest climates in the world, said a statement.

The firm unveiled its water solution to VIP delegates during its official launch event at its new headquarters at Abu Dhabi Global Markets, it added.

The water produced by Veragon’s Air-to-Water systems is certified to World Health Organisation Standards and it has been approved for use in the GCC region.

David Painter, chairman, Veragon Water Solutions, said, “The global water crisis and namely having access to safe, drinkable and regular supplies of water is one of the most pressing concerns facing governments and organisations across the globe.”

“Furthermore, the ecosystems in the world’s oceans are under threat from the immense amount of waste from single-use plastics; our technology provides a viable alternative to bottled water without compromising on quality,” he said.

Veragon is in the process of launching four pilot projects in the UAE with large organisations who are actively seeking a way to find a sustainable source of drinking water at the point-of-need with no logistal trial to help reduce costs and their own carbon footprint.

Alex Guy, Eshara’s CEO and founder, said, “The Veragon system is ideal for regions such as the Middle East where there is limited access to reliable and safe water in some areas and where there are high levels of humidity.”

“As countries across the region look to curb their reliance on imports and reduce their impact on the environment, while still meeting the growing needs of their populations, the ‘Air to Water’ system provides a workable, clean and sustainable solution to their expanding water requirements. We, therefore, expect Veragon’s solutions to be in high demand across MENA,” he added.


Source: Why UAE humidity could be something to look forward to