There are an increasing number of World Cities and Tourists’ Destinations studies in dedicated websites with eye opening reports generously provided on Cost of Living, Telephone and Taxi charges, etc.   We propose 2 websites with excerpts of each reproduced here.  The sites are and  .  Interestingly, the cost of a picnicking day out throughout the world cities was reviewed and the resulting ranking proposed for everyone’s enlightenment.  According to data collected by Expatistan’s Cost of Living Index, a picnic for two will cost just $22.14 in Dubai, a little over half of that of Paris’ $34.02. 

We propose here only the first 5 cities of the Ucityguides and a short introduction to the Expatistan.

The Top 10 Cities and Tourist Destinations in the Middle East

Although plagued by religious and social tensions, the Middle East is one of the most fascinating parts of the world, with some of the most breath-taking places and wonders anywhere.  Contrary to what may be believed by many in the West, it is perfectly safe to travel to large parts of the region (particularly Turkey, Jordan, United Arab Emirates and Israel), and most of it really is a must-see destination at least once in a lifetime.



Although it’s currently a place to avoid, at some point the social and political turmoil will die down and Cairo will once again be one of the world’s must-go destinations. There’s the beautiful setting by the Nile, and amid all the chaos is faded grandeur in Paris-like architecture downtown. But it’s as a gateway to the Giza pyramids and the spectacular treasures of the Egyptian Museum that should place Cairo on anyone’s travel list.


Istanbul, Turkey

It’s in Europe and in Asia and it’s the place that mostly mixes East and West in the Middle East. A great imperial capital for almost sixteen centuries, this is old Constantinople, still filled with architectural splendor. There’s the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia and other great cultural attractions, but today Istanbul is also a cosmopolitan city that mixes tradition and modern sophistication. End your visit by overlooking the Bosphorus and the entire city from a rooftop bar.


Petra, Jordan

All of Jordan (with the exception of the unattractive capital  ) is filled with magic and wonder, culminating in Petra. This ancient city hewn from rock is unlike anywhere else on earth, with great sculpted temples created by desert tribes. This is one of the most remarkable cities ever built, and it’s especially spectacular as the sun sets and at night.


Dubai, Emirates

The city of the future is already a city of the present. It’s all about the new and the newer, the big and the bigger, and trying to outdo itself and the competition. Hoping to become the great modern metropolis, it’s now one of the world’s main city destinations, home to the world’s grandest hotels on a magnificent waterfront location. Visiting Dubai is getting a glimpse of the future.



Being in this fascinating city is going back 3000 years in history. It’s the spiritual centre of the world, holy to the three great monotheistic faiths, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Whatever your religion (and even if you don’t have one), you can’t help becoming intrigued by the life and architecture of the place, as you go through a maze of alleys and bazaars.

The rendition of its findings follow; the costs of a romantic picnic were calculated for a couple of people, in cities around the world and as you can see, below, differences are quite obvious in the infographic picture.