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Why the Earth needs a course correction now

2021 Global Change Outlook from the MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change shows how more aggressive policies can sharply reduce climate risk.

AI used to examine construction following earthquakes

An open-source project hosted by the Linux Foundation with support from IBM and Call for Code will use machine learning to help inform quality assurance for construction in emerging nations.

Explainer: Is data the new oil in the GCC?

Yes, data has practically become the ‘new oil’. Data is playing a significant role as a crucial source of wealth for oil-rich nations and territories such as the GCC, which has historically been particularly dependent on oil as the main contributor to the GDP.

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A Touch of Nature + Sustainability to Modern Architecture

A Touch of Nature + Sustainability to Modern Architecture

anko Design has pertinent pictures of the world’s main trendy construction types to illustrate that statement best. A Touch of Nature + Sustainability to Modern Architecture are the elements that come, as it were, to justify the tallness of these structures and take into account all ecological concerns as if to alleviate their higher demand in the required material, men and money.

Cooling buildings by nearly 5ºC possible

Cooling buildings by nearly 5ºC possible

This article by Andrew Parnell, University of Sheffield does explain the historically proven basics of the Mediterranean Bassin as sustained by the latest scientific-technological advances of recent years. In effect, all countries around the Mediterranean sea have more or less tacitly agreed on what was arrived empirically throughout the Millenium years.

World Environment Day: Mission restoration

World Environment Day: Mission restoration

Whilst we all know most economic activities generate carbon emissions now is the time to focus on loss and damage from climate change. At World Environment Day: Mission restoration would be best envisaging to create awareness and action for the protection of the environment. There is a need to understand how all are trying to align with this cause and using technologies and strategies to achieve environmental sustainability.

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