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How greed and politics are slowing the switch to renewable energy

Wind and solar are now as cheap as the cheapest fossil fuel power, if not cheaper. And these price comparisons typically do not include the costs of climate change, air pollution, and price variability from fossil fuels. Those costs represent an enormous subsidy for fossil fuels and, if you include them, fossil fuels become far more expensive than renewable energy.

One Of The World’s Wealthiest Oil Exporters Is Becoming Unlivable

Global warming is smashing temperature records all over the world, but Kuwait — one of the hottest countries on the planet — is fast becoming unlivable. In 2016, thermometers hit 54C, the highest reading on Earth in the last 76 years.

XTB’s Achraf Drid Discusses FX Growth and MENA Region

The MD of XTB MENA believes that the FX market will continue to grow in 2022.
Drid highlighted XTB’s growing sponsorship activities to increase its global presence.

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Expo 2023 Doha to help develop agricultural sector

Expo 2023 Doha to help develop agricultural sector

Doha: The International Horticultural Exhibition (‘Expo 2023 Doha’) will not only benefit just Qatar, but also help strengthen agricultural sector in the entire region.
The first-of-its-kind expo in GCC and MENA region is expecting large number of research works from 80 countries and their reputed universities and research institutions.

Look out for these physical security trends in 2022

Look out for these physical security trends in 2022

Standardization of open and interoperable solutions across smart cities, faster hybrid cloud adoption, and a tighter focus on supply chain risks are some of the top physical security topics to keep an eye on


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