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ESG back on the agenda in post-pandemic world

The topic of ESG (environmental, social and governance) principles is back on the agenda as the world witnesses catastrophic flooding and fires not seen in decades, with “climate change” due to environmental mismanagement the seeming culprit.

Turkish environment minister touts ‘Climate Resilient Cities’

Speaking at the Cities and Climate Action session, Murat Kurum defined climate resilient cities as those that use natural resources effectively, ensure the balance between production and consumption and develop and implement participatory policies.

Transitioning towards sustainable economy: Role of Financial Institutions

Climate change is real; it affects and will affect everyone. Mother Nature sends its signals regularly, and most recently through the flash floods in western Germany. These signals are an urgent reminder that we need to take action now. The action must be collective, significant, timely, and futuristic because, in the long term, the risks outweigh the costs. 

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Middle East needs region-wide plan to tackle climate change

Middle East needs region-wide plan to tackle climate change

Working together is the only effective way of handling the crisis – and it is a crisis, if not an emergency as per Chris Doyle. In this article where he explains why the Middle East needs a region-wide plan to tackle climate change. In fact, it is high time for all in the MENA region to get together and try to build a future of a better and cleaner environment.

Can net-zero carbon emission targets be met

Can net-zero carbon emission targets be met

Global warming was on the international agenda long before the UN Framework Conference on Climate Change produced the Kyoto Protocol in 1997, widely seen as a landmark for the environmental movement. But it was the Paris Agreement, signed by 196 parties at COP21 in December 2015, that promised to be the game-changer.

‘Gardening’ in the Arabian Gulf

‘Gardening’ in the Arabian Gulf

For Qatar, like much of the planet, climate change is an ever-present concern. As demand for urban expansion increases, the country’s construction industry is booming – causing inevitable tension between Qatar’s economic and environmental agendas.

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