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Accelerated renewables-based electrification paves the way for a post-fossil future

Cost-slashing innovations are underway in the electric power sector and could give electricity the lead over fossil-based combustion fuels in the world’s energy supply by mid-century.

The MENA Region: A Key Scenario for the Energy Transition

MENA countries are endowed with an enormous renewable energy potential and a steady growth in their internal energy demand, making them illustrious candidates to lead the so yearned global energy

CEO appointments in the UAE surpass pre-pandemic highs

The appointment of new CEOs has surpassed pre-pandemic highs as companies demonstrate confidence about their prospects and their ability to find the right leader, according to a new report.

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Urgent Priorities for Transforming Infrastructure

Urgent Priorities for Transforming Infrastructure

A new research report released by Siemens Smart Infrastructure, titled ‘A New Space Race,’ has highlighted the increasingly urgent need to transform global infrastructure to focus on adaptability, resiliency and decarbonisation.

Africa’s “Green Wall” also makes economic sense

Africa’s “Green Wall” also makes economic sense

Fifteen years ago, the African Union decided on an ambitious program: degraded ecosystems in parts of the Sahel are to be successively restored in order to secure food for the people living there and to protect the soil against further degradation.


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