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Tips on environmental protection and climate change research
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Planet Earth is experiencing a significant change in climate and that is evidenced by the current global warming trends. Researches indicate that human activities over the last century have impacted the climate more than any other generation that has ever dwelt on the earth.

Protecting our environment is critical to averting adverse negative changes in climate patterns and can play a central role in saving our future generations. Every person living in any part of our planet has a role to play towards climatically positive developments. 

Environmental protection and climate change

Human beings are naturally adaptive to environmental and social changes and can easily fit in environmentally destructive conditions like carbon emissions from factories, deforestation and water pollution. As human beings, we must move away from such conditions and work hard towards improving our environment for better future generations through various ways as follows:

Protect the forests.

Trees and their importance in protecting our environment cannot be underestimated. The world data report shows the global temperate forest cover 1,700 years ago stood at 400 million hectares and has continually declined to a bare 6 million hectares by 2010. 

Trees are top protectors of our environments through attracting rain, reducing carbon levels and reducing soil erosion. The main component of wood is carbon and by increasing our forest cover, we create fresher conditions for life.  

Reduce carbon emissions.

The Middle East, the United States and the United Kingdom account for the highest levels of fossil fuel emissions globally, with Africa leading with changes in land use where people burn charcoal for fuel. One of the main steps to help save our environment is reducing dependence on fossil fuels for energy production.

Carbon impacts the ozone layer and is a primary cause of pollution in the environment. We will have a healthier generation and a moderately warm globe.

Adapt to clean energy.

Clean energy is crucial if we are to achieve a global level playing ground against environmental destruction. Currently, non-renewable energy use account for 85 percent and these sources are being depleted quickly so by about 2070, global reliance on non-renewable energy will have suffered a big setback. 

The most reliable clean energy resources, namely the sun, wind, water and bio will probably exist another 30 million years unless a sudden celestial occurrence alters that. Atomic energy is considered clean energy, although there are varying schools of thought on this subject.

Preparing for environmental protection

Protecting our environment is the responsibility of every global citizen. Since we have all participated in one way or the other destroying our environment, we must get prepared to protect it in some of the following ways:

Help in writing a research paper and activism.

There are many environmental activists at the forefront of environmental protection. As a global citizen, choose one group and participate in its environmental protection activities. Some activism groups evolve into environmental movements and have been known to make big changes in improving the environment across many countries around the world. 

Activism starts with you and every person in the world plays their part in protecting the local environment. The whole world will be protected and become habitable nor only to people but also to animals. 

Activism also needs effective articles, research papers and essays to enlighten the people about the issue and make your voice reach all corners of the world. For that, you need the best help in writing research paper that can meet the intended purpose. Edubirdie, a well-known US writing help provides research help to students and academicians from all parts of the world. A reputed professional research paper writing service is the ideal solution when you want to craft the research masterpieces that will aid future generations in tackling climate change issues.

Vote for environmentally conscious leaders.

Many treaties and agreements have been voted for and passed in major UN summits and other globally known organizations that deal with global climate change. The most notable of these are the climate action and climate project.

As a global citizen, you may never get a chance to vote in the international bodies. Still, you can vote locally during national elections and bring into office leaders who actively fight for our environment.

It is our responsibility to protect our environment from a personal level to the international level because if the individual destroys the environment, the whole world suffers from the consequences. Our future generations will judge us by our actions in preparing the platform for their peaceful existence.

Author’s Bio:

Vendy Adams works for an NGO that is working on environmental challenges and climate change-related issues. She is stationed in Africa and, as a side gig, also works as a freelance thesis, dissertation and essay writer. In her free time, she enjoys wildlife photography, journaling her experiences and playing tennis or volleyball. 

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